Botanical Lino Print Greeting Card by Bassii

Bassi Greeting Cards_WebsiteImages-04.jpg
Bassi Greeting Cards_WebsiteImages-04.jpg

Botanical Lino Print Greeting Card by Bassii


Lino cut prints by Bassii

Bassii’s lino cut prints are an interpretation and expression of everyday things, presented in a form that both complements and preserves the integrity of the subject matter. By printing on interesting and unique backgrounds, at times reminiscent of her childhood, she has been able to bring her artwork to life.

The process involved in creating these prints is pre-visualisation, designing and drawing, hand carving lino and printing. The works are reproduced as archival prints.

Card folded size: A6
With matching kraft envelope.
Card wrapped in plastic sleeve for protection.

Printed on matt warm white 300gsm quality paper.
Environmentally responsible. FSC Certification.

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